Our Leadership Team

Our teachers and leaders are all passionate about developing each child to be the best that they can be.

Amy Milne | Principal

Amy Milne has been a successful teacher and leader in education for 20 years in both the UK and Internationally. She has had a breadth of experience in both mainstream and special educational schools in Primary and Secondary Education. Amy has also spent a number of years working collaboratively with authorities and academic companies developing curriculum, learning and teaching practices and delivering quality training for teachers and leaders, most recently delivering the UK accredited courses for NPQML/SL. Amy values collaboration and strong emotional literacy at the core of effective leadership in order to drive sustainable change in schools. The needs of the whole child are at the centre of everything and Amy ensures that all stakeholders uphold this to create an culture of success for all students.

Natalie Twigger | Vice Principal

Natalie is an incredibly dedicated, inspirational and passionate teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader. She has an unbridled passion for teaching and education and one of her core beliefs is the importance of creating a positive learning environment where there are high expectations of all children. Natalie believes that Primary Education should build on the entire potential of each child in a loving and caring community, where each person is unique, valued and respected. Natalie aims to inspire young, inquisitive minds by delivering lessons which are engaging, exciting and challenging. Natalie is dedicated to leading by example and believes that success isn’t about what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire others to do.

Henrietta Owen | Head of Foundation Stage

Henrietta is an inspirational and passionate teacher and Foundation Stage leader, who is committed to all the children in her care. She is an outstanding teacher with eight years’ experience. Henrietta believes that every young person deserves the best possible start in life and that by ensuring learning in Foundation Stage is exciting, engaging and enjoyable, and by steering children’s natural curiosity, she aims to enable children to become confident, bold and prepared to be challenged.

Abir Tayfour | Head of Arabic & Islamic Studies

Abir Tayfour is a very capable Arabic teacher who has obtained, through many years of experience, lots of modern skills in the teaching of Arabic. By employing modern teaching techniques such as learning through playing, motivating thinking, initiation and empowering innovation within her children, Abir has a proven record of successful achievement. By Joining Oaktree Primary School, Abir aims to teach the Arabic language through both a simplified and easy approach as well as strengthening the children’s knowledge of the Arabic language.