Distance Learning

Our Approach

Our students are at the heart of everything that Oaktree Primary Schools stands for.

That’s why we are honing our our distance learning teaching methods so that pupils spend less time in front of a screen and more time developing their skills and knowledge. We will achieve this by offering a mixture of live and on-demand lessons, with some tasks to be completed and uploaded using SeeSaw.

Whilst the importance of maintaining a daily routine is still a priority, we also understand the importance of the physical and mental well-being of our students’ and that not everybody’s home situation is the same.

What about the Parents?

Parents have an open session with the class teacher every Sunday to catch up on how their child or children are getting on. All feedback collected in these sessions is used to improve and tailor our practice.

A Typical Day

Foundation Stage

Every morning we upload our seesaw activities for the day. These activities include Phonics, literacy, Maths, creative, understanding of the world and music (depending on the day).

We then incorporate 3 live zooms sessions into each day. Some of which are whole class and some are differentiated group sessions. Our live zoom sessions range from Morning greetings, phonics, Maths, literacy lessons and story times.

Every Thursday we have a whole class zoom session to announce and celebrate the star of the week.

Key Stage 1

8.30 Children have their first zoom call of the day with their teacher where the class teacher will take a register and will teach an input for a lesson either English/Maths/ Science.

10.30 Children will have their second zoom call where the teacher will give the second input for either English/Maths/Science

11.30 Children will have a Guided Reading session with their teacher on Zoom where the teacher chooses a text for the week and everyday they will have a new focus. The focus would either me a grammar or reading focus linked to the year groups reading national curriculum objectives.

Between these times children will have activities uploaded to Seesaw. Once the work is complete, children send this to their teacher who will give comments and next steps challenges to develop their work.

What Our Parents Think

The teachers have been wonderful... Although the onset of distance learning came as a shock to everyone in these difficult times, the Oaktree Primary family really came together for the kids. The distance learning program has provided the kids a way to learn and still interact with their classmates and teachers face to face. Through the use of various programs like Zoom and Seesaw the kids are able to get lessons from their teachers and submit their work. The teachers have been wonderful throughout and have worked hard to make sure the kids get the education they need and deserve as well as providing emotional and social support to the kids in these unprecedented circumstances