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Education for Special needs Children

One of the hardest things for parents is to see their child being treated differently by teachers, peers, and society in general. We know some children may find learning, speech, or social skills challenging. We appreciate this simply means that the child looks and understands the world in a different way to most people. We provide a caring and comfortable environment for these children to grow and develop. Such an environment builds the child’s confidence and helps them make the best of the skills and abilities they have. That’s why you should consider the best primary school in Dubai where your child will be given not only the best education but also the best care for their special needs.

Oaktree Primary schools is one of the leading primary schools in Dubai and we also provide education for special needs children. At Oaktree, we understand the importance of focused and personalized teaching. For this reason, we only accept up to 18 students in each class of the Foundation Stage. In the primary classes, we have up to 22 students in each class. This allows the teacher to interact with all the students and spend individual time with each child.

Doing and exploring are the best methods of learning. Children learn very well when they are allowed to explore and discover the facts about the environment around them. Our campus is a comfortable oasis that will allow children to safely explore their surroundings. Such a learning technique not only has a lasting impression on the child, but will also strengthen their social and cognitive skills. Rote classroom teaching and lectures are not the right way to provide education for special needs children. Multi-perception learning and exploring are the right ways. It is these teaching methodologies that we integrate into our primary school.

We also teach life skills in our school. From learning to be responsible to understanding the needs of others, there are many life skills we teach in our school. All these teaching techniques will help bring out the best from your child.