Discount Policy

Type of discount Applicable on % & Remarks
*Sibling discount Tuition Fees 1st child – Nil
2nd child - 3%
3rd child onwards - 5%
#Welcome Discount – Only for new admission in KG1/KG2 or Pre-KG admission (Rollover in KG2 is not eligible) Tuition Fees 3%
#Military/Police personnel@ Tuition Fees 3%
#Medical staff personnel@ Tuition Fees 3%
**Full payment of all the fees for the entire academic session, before 31st July or before the end of the month from the date of admission in case of mid-term admissions Tuition Fees 4%
**Full payment before 31st August Tuition Fees 3%

Terms & Conditions

*No other discounts applicable. Those who are eligible for or get one type of discount from this bracket, will not be eligible for any other discount.

**This is an additional discount over and above other discounts in order to encourage the advance payments. Full payment means 100% School Fees received in advance against Tuition Fees, Optional Fees, Books, Uniform & Transport and fees charged under any other head by the school.

#Welcome Discount- over and above this sibling discount and Full payment discount can be considered.

@For availing discounts the relevant ID proofs to be taken by the school

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