At Oaktree, we welcome children who have additional learning needs and develop individual plans to suit their requirements. For some, this will be a short-term plan to overcome a particular barrier, whilst for others there may be the need for ongoing support. All children are observed to screen for individual needs in collaboration with the parents, teachers and the SENDCo. Where children are identified, or have been assessed, as having an additional need, our team will work with the child, their parents and any outside agencies involved to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Targeted programmes of intervention such as Toe by Toe and the Primary Movement Programme are implemented to develop key skills, wherever there is an individual need. Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy specialists will work with our children within the school and we will develop a network of external specialists and advisors to support the team as required. Engaging the social model of Inclusion, we are guided by the Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017, KHDA) to promote our overarching purpose that “Every day, in every classroom, all students, including those identified as experiencing special educational needs and disabilities, will learn and achieve in a safe, supportive, engaging and appropriately challenging common learning environment. Within such a setting, their personal, social, emotional and academic needs are fully met.”

Inclusive Education Policy Framework

Our Inclusion Team is a member of the “Athena Inclusion” Community of Practice where Inclusion specialists from across the group gather monthly to share strategies, develop best practice and optimise  our skills, always working toward removing barriers to learning for the children in our care.

English as an Additional Language

As an international school, we understand that some of our children will speak little or no English when they join us:- however, with the support of our Inclusion Team, using a holistic and fully integrated approach, we are confident that they will soon be able to fully access the curriculum and build the friendships that they need to enjoy their time at our school.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented (G&T) students are highly valued at Oaktree and will be given appropriate additional challenges to ensure that their unique talents are fully engaged and developed. All G&T children are tracked and monitored individually on our Inclusion Register. A differentiated learning plan will be created, extending each child in the classroom, whilst mentors will be assigned across groups of children with similar interests and abilities to enhance their learning. There are a wide range of competitions and events, which can be accessed in the UAE or on-line, to ensure that the talents of our children are celebrated.

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