Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1

As our students enter the Primary School, their passion for learning gained in the Foundation Stage will be encouraged and developed. Our small class sizes ensure that each child gets the individual attention that they need to thrive as school starts to become more structured. We believe that enjoyment, self-belief, the ability to keep trying with tricky questions and the willingness to practice and try new things out are essential for each child’s success.

During Key Stage 1, much of the focus is on English and Maths with the aim of developing the habit of reading and writing for pleasure, discovering the power of stories and acquiring a fascination for numbers and the patterns and connections that they bring with them. In science and topic work, our students will have many practical opportunities to make things and will begin to understand that their bodies need to be looked after in terms of healthy eating and exercise.

Through differentiated lessons, our teachers ensure that every child is challenged to reach their full potential. Students who show particular strengths will be offered extension opportunities whilst those who need extra help will be supported and encouraged. Our children will learn to work successfully in groups and pairs as well as by themselves, ensuring that they learn the art of collaboration that is so essential for later life. They will learn to listen, to wait for their turn to speak, to disagree courteously, to negotiate and to keep track of tasks they have been assigned.

Regular field trips will be organised to support and reinforce the curriculum, giving opportunities to experience the real world and get involved with the wider community.

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