Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 marks the entry into primary school. Our teachers in Year 1 take care to ensure a smooth transition from FS2 takes place. As a range of school activities and programs are introduced in the FS stage, our children find the learning in KS1 a natural extension of FS. 


At Oaktree Primary School, we deliver the 2014 National Curriculum for England.  We provide a high level of expectation and challenge for our students and ensure that they are provided with a modern and relevant curriculum. 


Our lessons include situations where independence, imagination and creativity are prime areas of foci.  There is a focus on phonics and connecting lessons to real-world contexts and applying knowledge to real life. To achieve these goals, teachers use a variety of teaching methods enabling students to reach their full potential. 


Regular field trips are organised to support and reinforce the curriculum.  These opportunities allow students to experience the real world and make connections with the wider community. 


The National Curriculum consists of three core subjects: 







Foundation Subjects: 

Art & Design 


Design and Technology 




Physical Education (PE) 


UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum: 

Arabic A/B 

Islamic A/B 

Social Studies & Moral Education (SSME) 



Oaktree Primary is committed to a cross-curricular approach that provides our students with a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills. We believe that this moulds them into well-rounded individuals with a good balance of personal, academic, creative, and physical skills. We work towards developing each child’s collaboration and communication skills to prepare them to be effective contributors in school, the community that they live in and wider society.  

From Year One, our students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills as Pupil Parliament Members and are expected to work with children of different age groups and set an example to all children by being kind, considerate and well-mannered. 

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