Message from the Principal

Principal’s Message

Oaktree Primary School provides a quality, British education in the heart of Dubai. Our school is a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is treated like family. As a growing school, we pride ourselves that we know every child inside out. We do our best to help each child find their strengths and talents so that they will flourish and be challenged.

We work with families to ensure that all children achieve their potential across our diverse community, having relentlessly high expectations of ourselves and others. We are innovative, aspirational and consistent in our holistic approach, constantly reflecting on our practice. We try to make learning creative, stimulating, inclusive and fun with lots of challenge, setting ambitious goals for the future. As Principal, I am a lifelong learner and I fully believe in the value of "Do more, be more."

Please contact or phone the school to book on to one of our daily tours led by our leadership team.

We look forward to welcoming parents and students to the Oaktree family.

Principal, Oaktree Primary School

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