Professional Development

At Oaktree Primary School, we believe that high-quality professional development is one of the keystones of an effective school. It enables staff to develop the high-level skills and knowledge they need to improve their practice which is central to improving student learning and progress.

At Oaktree Primary School, we offer both internal professional development conducted by our leaders at all levels and external sessions provided by outstanding practitioners from Athena Academic Board and other Athena schools. All professional development sessions are followed-up and monitored by the impact made on students’ achievement and personal development.

Why Professional Development?

To provide opportunities for all staff to further their professional knowledge and skills in best teaching and learning practices, leadership, student engagement and wellbeing, and student transition.

To build staff capacity to lead specific areas of the school such as student learning, as well as student engagement and wellbeing.

To provide an effective Master Teacher and Middle Leader Accreditation programme that enhances teaching techniques and methodology to ensure quality teaching and learning to ensure the best outcomes for all students.

1.Teaching and learning

2.Student outcomes

3.Leadership capacity

4.Accreditation programmes

5.Coaching and mentoring

Oaktree Primary School along with Athena Education provides an array of professional development opportunities to assist staff in improving their professional practices.

Opportunities include:

1.Corporate and school-based professional development sessions

2.Training sessions held with the other school campuses

3. Online professional development

4. Off-site workshops

5. Accreditation programmes

6. Job-embedded professional development and coaching

7. School-based Professional Learning Communities

8. Year level/subject-area team meetings

9. Monthly meetings with principals, inclusion, curriculum, and assessment leads

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