School Activities

School Activities (ECAs) Programme 

We offer a broad range of academic, social, artistic, and sporting activities (during and) after school for Years 1 to 6.  


All children who are part of the ECAs select one activity that they would like to attend for that term.  


Our clubs are organized by both our teachers and outside providers. Clubs vary each term as they are based on student requests (via student surveys).  


A typical selection might include:  

  • 1. Study of the Holy Quran 

  • 2. Football 

  • 3. Art 

  • 4. Lego 

  • 5. Fireless Cooking 

  • 6. Funky Fitness 

  • 7. Debating 

  • 8. Arabic. 

A full list will be provided at the beginning of each term. 

The ECAs are optional but we encourage all students to enroll and enjoy these opportunities and explore new activities. 

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