School Activities

School Activities (ECAs) Programme

At Oaktree Primary School, we offer an enriched and diverse range of extracurricular activities. Our ECA programmes provide our students opportunity to experience a spectrum of activities from Art and Origami to Funky Fitness and Puppet Making Clubs. Oaktree programmes encourage our students to discover new skills and talents and develop on their social interaction outside the classroom.

The following clubs are available for our children:

  1. Puppet Making
  2. Dance
  3. Origami
  4. Yoga
  5. Coding
  6. Science
  7. Swimming
  8. Sports
  9. Lego
  10. Arabic
  11. Creative Art and Design
  12. Quran Recitation
  13. Jewellery Making
  14. Music
  15. Play Dough
  16. Sudoku Games
  17. French
  18. Mental Math

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