Student Leadership

At Oaktree Primary School, we strongly believe Student Leaders have a very important role to play in the day-to-day organization of our school.  The positions allow students the opportunity to model confident leadership, resilience, and responsibility, but they also encourage younger students to aspire and learn from peer examples. 

Pupil Parliament 

Welcome to OPS’s Pupil Parliament members. 

The Pupil Parliament is the voice of the children at our school

Oaktree Primary School expects its Parliament Members to: 

    1. be fair and respectful, listening to the views of all the children they represent 

      2. be impartial and not take sides or just say what they think 

        3. be confident to speak at meetings and not afraid to share their ideas 

          4. be sensible when making decisions to help make our school a better place for all 

            5. be proud of your role within the school! 


            The Pupil Parliament can expect the adults at Oaktree Primary School to: 

              1. respect the views of the Pupil Parliament as the voice of the children 

                2. Listen to the Pupil Parliament and provide opportunities to help make decisions about what happens at our school 

                  3. be proud of the Pupil Parliament and the job they do! 


                  Year 6 Head Students 

                  These students will be the pinnacle of student leadership in the school and will lead tours, open and close formal events, meet and greet at formal events, make end-of-year speeches and represent the school in School Governor meetings and to the KHDA.  They will also be responsible for overseeing Pupil Parliament-led events. 

                  What We Have Done So Far....... 

                  SPORTS DAY 

                  We requested a whole-school Sports Day – and got it approved on the condition that WE arranged it all.  Whilst this may have daunted some pupils, we were excited to be given this opportunity and challenge. 

                  We created a plan for the Sports Days - which took a lot of time to plan! 

                  We hosted the event over three days: 1 for FS, 1 for KS1, and 1 for KS2. 

                                   The activities included races, athletics, football & basketball matches. We had to inform the school community, so we created posters and rules about the days to be shared across the school and sent this to the parentsOur social media team made a digital poster to share on school Instagram and Facebook pages. Our Aesthetics Team made the participant, and winner medals as well as the certificates to award individuals. We preferred making them rather than buying them as it added personal touch. 

                  On the day, we also supported teachers to make sure the event went well and the children participated in all activities.   We also requested some of our peers to create a cheerleader team who supported the FS Sports Day. Overall, it was a great day and we have lots of ideas on how to make it even better next year! 


                  TALENT SHOW 

                  Currently, we are arranging and planning the ‘OPS Has Got Talent Show’.  This was open to all students and staff membersThe staff members were a bit shy in putting themselves forward, but we had many students that we had to add an extra audition round.    

                  We set the rules, performance criteria, and dates.   Year Six Parliament Members took the lead in supporting the first round which took place in year group classes and making sure only three finalists got through to the ‘Judges Round’.   This round involved some of the Senior Leaders and Parliament MembersWe have now selected the finalists and the Talent Show will take place in a few weeks...... 

                  Agastya Wellbeing Councillor

                  Diana Health & Food.jpg

                  Ezzah Imran Curriculum Councillor

                  Jason York Curriculum Councillor

                  M Omar Sabbagh Enterprice & Innovation

                  Mariam Sports Councillor

                  Maryam Amaar Horticulture

                  Mohammed Shahzeb Sports Councillor

                  Nahal Aesthetic

                  Omar Cruz Safeguarding

                  Parthiv Health & Food

                  Ridhaan Yusuff Behaviour Councillor

                  Rosa Payam Khataei Behaviour Councillor

                  Shenoleen Diantha Ford Head Girl

                  Yanis Mezouar Head Boy

                  Kenzy Ahmed Aesthetic

                  Yasmeen Aesthetic

                  Zaynah Horticulture

                  Zeina Ahmed Mohamed Abdelazi Safeguarding

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