Vision and Mission


At Oaktree Primary School, our vision is to nurture and challenge everyone in our learning community to be the best they can be.


At Oaktree Primary School, our mission is to place children and families at the heart of everything we do, creating a vibrant, multicultural community school. Our aim is to create a safe, meaningful, and stimulating learning environment, where every day is a magical journey of learning and enquiry for children to grow and be challenged to be the best people they can be. We aim to provide a child-centered, innovative, and inspiring curriculum developing lifelong learning skills. At Oaktree Primary School, we believe that we can achieve more when we share a common direction and a sense of community. Our mission is to embed an ethos of respect for each other and collaboration, valuing student, parent, and staff voices.


Oaktree Primary is a caring school and we have defined four key values using the acronym ‘CARE’

COLLABORATION: ‘Sharing and learning together’. Collaboration is working together in a team, contributing ideas and listening to each other to achieve our common goals.

ACHIEVEMENT: ‘Be the best you can be’. Achievement is striving to attain your personal goals, demonstrating perseverance and resilience.

RESPECT: ‘Respect each other and our environment’. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other. Respect is speaking to and interacting with others in a courteous manner. It is about being honest, reliable and trustworthy.

EMPATHY: ‘Treat others with care and compassion’. Empathy means trying to understand other people’s views or feelings and being supportive and caring towards them.

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