First Aid at Oaktree Primary School, Dubai

A school is not just a place to learn, it is also a place to socialise, to experience and, given the amount of hours children spend with us daily, a place to live. Understanding that the most precious thing in your life is in our care we make sure we’re able to look after them as well as we educate them.

Something we look at very seriously is first aid. Fortunately serious incidents on school properties in Dubai are rare. We hope that the worst we’re going to see is a scuffed knee or a mild fever but we do need to prepare for the worst as rare an occurrence as it may be.

Preparing for the August 2016 term we’ve been working with Edward from Algebra Safety who has already trained some of our Admin team and will work with our teachers as they arrive. If you have any questions about the training or other safety matters please ask, we’re happy to answer.

First Aid Oaktree Primary Eid British School in Dubai UAE

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