New to the UAE? 3 Ways you can Help your Child Understand Ramadan

Ramadan can be a confusing time for children. They may ask why you aren’t drinking even though it’s hot and they are. They may ask why a restaurant has black curtains covering the windows. They may simply ask what Ramadan Kareem means as they hear it on the radio.

1. If this is your first Ramadan, here are three ways you can help your child to understand what Ramadan is. Ramadan is a month during which people think of those less fortunate. You could use this time to donate some old clothes to a charity drive (malls will have collection areas and you can find deposit boxes in some neighbourhoods).

2. During Ramadan adults cannot eat or drink in public. Depending on your child’s level of understanding, you might suggest that they wait until they get home before opening that chocolate bar, because some children can’t afford chocolate bars. Perhaps your child could consider those in less developed countries.

3. Ramadan is a time for family. During Ramadan people are thankful for what they have, and family gatherings are a great way to emphasise this. If you don’t have family in the UAE you could leave the TV switched off and play board games (remember those?!) Alternatively make extra time for video calls to extended family.

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