Our Community

Oaktree values every child. Our school is a place where friends are made, amongst the children, the parents and the staff; a place where the teachers and leaders really get to know their children, what excites them and what challenges them; a place of laughter, fun and hard work; a place of tradition where children engage with each other and the world around them; where they understand the place for technology but have not lost the art of conversation. Oaktree is an inclusive school, welcoming children with additional needs into the community and ensuring that they achieve their full potential. Equally, there will be a challenge for gifted and talented children encouraging to reach beyond their goals through critical thinking and innovative projects. Our inspirational teachers model our values, see each child as an individual and help them to achieve academically, socially and emotionally. Small classes of 20 in the Foundation Stage and 22 in the Primary Years increase the amount of quality time each child will receive. The building itself will be landscaped to feel like a mini oasis with lots of trees and natural seating to encourage children to explore. Teachers take their classes outside to bring lessons to life, whenever the weather permits. There is a sensory garden with seating where children could read, paint, study plants or measure angles to name a few options. Each classroom and the corridors all have natural light and windows that can be opened. In addition, there are specialist areas for science and technology, art, music and drama and PE, including a swimming pool, and a separate playground for our Foundation children and best of all a Greenhouse.