Using an Online Resource to Teach Children

As we move closer to middle age our minds often remember our own school experiences. Scraped knees from slips in the playground, different coloured chalk, bunsen burners, and equally healthy doses of nostalgia for almost every aspect of school life. Now it’s the turn of our children. Should they expect the same experience?

Well, no, is the short answer. Our experiences were different to those of our parents, as will those of our grandchildren be to those of our children. This generations’ hot topic is the use of technology. You may be of the opinion that pens and books are adequate, you may feel that there is no use to this type of analogue ‘technology’ and that children can learn using tablet devices. At Oaktree we’ve embraced technology. Here’s how:

Our children aren’t given tablet devices to work from. At school they use pens, pencils, paper (but not as much), and almost everything you used as a child. But, we also use, a huge database of UK curriculum quality information and learning tools. Instead of using a dusty blackboard and chalk we use whiteboards. Instead of sending home heavy books and crumpled paper, we reference web-pages.

You will be able to access the same course material we use in school just as easily. There is no need to buy a dedicated machine for your child, you can use your laptop or tablet. We want the homework process to be as easy as possible.

Using technology to teach with is inevitable. Someone once asked why a child would need to learn science, or a second language; someone questioned the pen over the quill and healthy food instead of fast food. At Oaktree we aim to balance proven techniques with newer ones. After all, our children aren’t living in the same world we did. Progress doesn’t stop.

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