What is an ‘English Village Approach’?

At Oaktree we believe that a community spirit helps education. Rather than forcing a regimented business-like approach to schooling, we want to achieve the feel of an old English village school. If you’re not sure what that means specifically, allow me to explain.

Traditional village culture in the UK is not that different to many other places. In a village everyone knows everyone else; In an English village you know the shopkeeper by name, you’ll see officials in the supermarket, and you’ll meet by chance a teacher in the park. When you meet you’ll pass the time of day and then ask how little Johnny is doing. His teacher will tell you he’s doing okay but needs to pay better attention. You’ll then go about your day.

There was no need for a scheduled meeting; you took advice on your child’s behavior by chance. When you get home you can tell Johnny you bumped into (an English colloquial term for a chance meeting) Ms. Jones and she said he should pay more attention in class. Johnny then knows his teacher and his parents are on the same team, one that he is also on but perhaps doesn’t appreciate that yet.

Of course, ‘bumping into’ one of our teachers in Mall of the Emirates during a busy weekend may not be the best time to discuss classroom activity, but we want you to feel that you can approach our teachers. Yes, you’ll need to schedule an appointment, simply to make sure we’re as prepared as you need us to be, but we won’t hide our teaching staff from you. We have the same goal, to give your child the best. We feel that is done well when we’re all part of a community.

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