Why a Small Class Size?

One of the most important aspects of Oaktree Primary in relation to your child’s’ education is its class size. We purposely created the school with small class sizes so as to break down the artificial walls that often stand in the way of a child’s educational development.

Some benefits of small class sizes are obvious. The teacher will be able to spend more time with each child. There is a greater chance of all children participating in activities (such as question time). It is easier for teachers to track individual progress outside of books and test results. But, beyond this, small class sizes allow for the healthy maintenance of the student / teacher / parent relationship.

My hope for every Oaktree child is a better future. Test results alone won’t achieve that. Our approach is to build a relationship with the family of the student. We’d like to know what his favourite food is, what her favourite toy is, if he has a brother or sister, or if she has a grandmother in another country. This is not necessarily a new concept, most of us achieve this every day with friends and colleagues. It’s simply the process of getting to know someone better.

At Oaktree we’re not fearful of parent teacher interaction. The more you can tell us about your child the better we can teach them. Our aim is to build self esteem and confidence as much as it is to ensure your child can pass exams. School is not a pass or fail experience, it is one from which children learn to ask questions. It is only with your help that we’re able to help them ask the right ones.

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