Why Oaktree Primary School

Private education in the UAE is a necessity for many parents. Government schooling is taught in Arabic and most expat children are not fluent enough in the language to be able to succeed academically. So, as parents, we treat private schools simply as schools. The distinction between private and public schooling in the UK does not apply to education the UAE.

However, just because private schooling is almost mandatory does not mean schools should be operated with a lax attitude, or at the other end of the spectrum, like a Fortune 500 company. At Oaktree Primary we know that the environment your child will learn in is of paramount importance. We understand that you might prefer a school with a local, or village, feel. One which enables you to meet openly with the teachers, and one with smaller class sizes so that every child is attended to.

We strive to give our children all the things we didn’t have when we were young. We’d like to think that an old fashioned approach to teaching, combined with everything today’s world offers, is the best way forward. Let’s give them everything we didn’t have but let’s also remember to give them what we did.

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